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UPDATE: MotionMods Base is now available for download! Scroll to the bottom to download!

If you've spent any amount of time modifying your PHPmotion site, you've probably realized what a challenge it can be. Throw in the nightmare of updating a customized site or even installing a new template, and you quickly find yourself overwhelmed trying to track down conflicts and reapply edits and modifications- it gets old fast.

With MotionMods Base, you can eliminate the hassle! Mods are self-contained, requiring no edits or changes to your PHPmotion files. You can add or remove mods with a single click, without affecting core or template files. This means that future updates and new templates don't break your mods, and don't require reinstallation!

Interested? Keep reading to see whether MotionMods Base is a good fit for your site.

PHPmotion Mods Framework - MotionMods Base

Check out the following, and you can decide for yourself:

Site Owners

  • Extremely quick way to add enhancements and functionality
  • Great documentation
  • No coding/editing required
  • Cheerful, helpful support (probably won't need it, but it's there if you do!)
  • Makes it easy to have a completely custom site- you're no longer stuck with a site that's identical to thousands of other PHPmotion sites


  • Fast, efficient method of adding features
  • Both free and inexpensive mods allow you plenty of room to turn a large profit
  • No worries about losing customizations due to updates after releasing a site to a client
  • Highly optimized code
  • Essentially no learning curve means minimal time investment required
  • Fantastic, friendly support (we love developers)

Below are just a few of the mods we're working to make available through MotionMods Base. If there are any that aren't already on the list but you would like to see, please let us know on the forum!

  • Mobile Mod
  • Page Creator
  • Menu Manager
  • Unslider Integration
  • JW Player Integration
  • Flowplayer Integration
  • Media.js Integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • Video Embedder
  • Lang Keys Override
  • Responsive HTML5 Theme
  • Advertising
  • Quick Search
  • AutoTweet
  • Add New Member
  • Feeds and Sitemaps
  • API
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • External SMTP Integration
  • Many, many more

MotionMods Base is free! Mods are priced separately (many free, some paid), but MotionMods Base is 100% free- no strings attached.